Administrative Officers

Emily Allen

President NJ EMT
Emily steps into the role of president this year, charged with leading the administrative team and Squad business.  Joining in 2011, Emily is a certified NJ EMT and previously served as Vice President in 2013.


Walter Curry

Vice President, Life Member
Walter has been a member of the AHFAS for over 50 years and has successfully served in every leadership position, including president, and captain prior to the addition of the rank of chief in 2009

Administrative Officers

Mark Lockwood

Secretary, NJ EMT
Mark joined the AHFAS in 2015 and recently earned his EMT ceritification.  Last year, Mark served the Squad as its engineer, responsible for the upkeep of all equipment and apparatus.

Tom Hayden

Treasurer NJ EMT
Tom has been an EMT with the AHFAS for over 10 years and served the Squad as its chief in 2012 and 2013.  He is a CPR instructor and Incident Command Systems Instructor.

Operations Officers

Lance Hubeny

Lance is returning to lead the Operations Team for a second year in 2018 and is looking to build upon the successes of 2017.  Lance has been a member of the AHFAS since 2011 and previously held the titles of Captain, Lieutenant, and Engineer.


Rich Glietz

Captain, NJ EMT
Rich has over 20 years of service with the AHFAS and previously led the Operations Team as its Captain for serveral years prior to the rank of Chief being added in 2009.


Tyler Hubeny

Lieutenant, NJ EMT
Tyler is also returning to the Operations Team in 2018 after filling a mid-year vacancy last year.  He has been a member since 2015 and has quickly risen through the ranks.


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