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Frequently Asked Questions


Why Volunteer?


Our members say they join for a variety of personal and professional reasons. Some want to give back to their community. Some are looking to find something they’re passionate about outside of their work routines. Some say they’re looking to learn new skills involving people, communications, management, teamwork and more. And some are looking to help build their resumes. Take that first step in reaching your personal goals by applying today.

Is there a place for me at the AHFAS?

There is a place for everyone at the AHFAS. No EMS experience is necessary to join. We'll train you in that area. What we can use is your life experience to grow  our organization. We are your friends, neighbors and families. We are the people next door. We are students, administrative assistants, parents, homemakers, medical professionals, engineers, flight attendants, doctors, lawyers, teachers, journalists, retirees and more. 


Who can join?


Adult membership is open to anyone over the age of 18 and no experience is necessary.


How much does it cost?


There is no cost to become a member. Training is provided for free. Everyone is provided the tools needed to provide care to our community.


What types of memberships are there?


We have openings for everyone. Our goal is to build our roster of active, emergency medical technicians. We also have openings for people who can drive our ambulances. For those for who patient care is a challenge, we have openings for those with experience in administrative, financial, fundraising, promotion and more. If you have a skill, we can use it.


What will I be doing?


As a trained member of the AHFAS you’ll be providing care to anyone who dials 911 in our community.

I can’t commit to the training required, are there other ways I can help?


We have levels of membership that work for everyone. If you’re not able to become an EMT, we can use your skills for driving. If not, we have many other needs in our organization that can be a match for your skills.


What benefits do I get for joining?


There are many benefits for being a member of the AHFAS. Being a member you’ll gain experience in working as a team; you’ll learn leadership skills; you’ll learn communications techniques; and you’ll learn critical thinking and problem  skills. You’ll also gain immeasurable satisfaction in knowing you’ve directly impacted the life of another person. Our volunteers are also eligible for the NJ Volunteer Tuition Credit Program, that allows for $600 a year and up to $2,400 over four years, in tuition credits. Additionally, members meeting certain requirements are eligible for a Length of Service Award Program, which is a retirement savings program. Members are also eligible for a variety of programs that offer discounts to first responders.


How long is the process to get started?


Once you fill out an application, you’ll be contacted by a member of our membership team to get the process started, which includes an interview and a background check.


What about the training? Is it safe?


Training held during the pandemic is done in situations that exceed the highest safety and cleaning standards as outlined by the CDC.


Am I on call all the time?


Members are asked to commit to one duty night each week, which consists of being available to respond from home between the hours of 10pm and 5am.


What if I’m not available at night?


We offer flexible options for scheduling in order to meet the changing nature of our membership and our community. We will work with your schedule.


How many calls does the AHFAS respond to each year?


We typically respond to about 500 calls each year, ranging from simple cuts and scrapes to car accidents and more.


Are AHFAS EMTs paid?


We are a totally volunteer organization. Volunteer is just our payscale. While we do this work for no pay, we carry out those tasks to the highest professional standards in our field.


Can being a volunteer help with my future career?


Absolutely, many of the skills learned being a member of the AHFAS are easily transferred to any position requiring customer service, communications, problem solving and documenting skills. Moreover, for those considering a career in the medical field, being a member of the AHFAS will provide networking opportunities with others in the medical, hospital and public safety communities.


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