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AHFAS member Lance Hubeny was honored by Wells Fargo as the company’s top US volunteer this year. Hubeny earned the award for his work at as a dedicated member of the AHFAS, his work with the AHFD, and beyond.

Along with the honor is a generous $25,000 grant to the squad, which will directly benefit the residents of Atlantic Highlands.

At a very young age, Lance Hubeny’s parents instilled in him the spirit of giving back. For more than 37 years he’s been doing just that. As a highly trained EMT, Lance volunteers for the Atlantic Highlands First Aid Squad and he responds to approximately 250 emergency calls a year. Those emergencies range from minor medical situations, to cardiac arrest and major traumas.

“It’s an amazing feeling when you can help someone that’s in need on his or her worst day,” he explains.

Additionally, he serves as a volunteer fireman in the community and he’s a certified CPR instructor. In his free time, Hubeny puts his CPR certification to work by training civic groups, police officers and teachers in his community and the surrounding area.

The $25,000 Volunteer Service Award grant will be used to pay for additional EMT/First Responder training for the Atlantic Highlands squad. As Lance explained, there are always new policies and procedures that we must adopt. The goal of the squad is to strengthen its position of having the best-trained EMTs in the area, which will significantly benefit the residents of our community. Grant funds will also be used to upgrading equipment.

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