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There Are Many Reasons to Volunteer - Do You Have What It Takes?

Are you ready to make your community stronger? Are you willing to sacrifice some of your free time, time usually spent with family and friends, to help change the life of an another? Are you prepared for the kind of life-changing personal satisfaction that can only come by helping people?

If so, then you should become a volunteer with the Atlantic Highlands First Aid & Safety Squad.

The volunteers of the AHFAS are just like you. They’re your friends and neighbors. They’re the people you see every day around town. They come from a variety of walks of life, but they all have one thing in common – they took the leap and joined a top-flight community based organization.

Outside of the AHFAS, our members are doctors, lawyers, police officers, flight attendants, teachers, engineers, stock brokers, office workers, fishermen, homemakers, retirees and so much more. Sound familiar? It should. We are the community.

Inside the squad, however, they’re the men and women of the AHFAS are EMS providers dedicated to providing free, high-quality emergency medical and rescue services to the residents of Atlantic Highlands and occasionally the surrounding community.

Why volunteer?

Only you can answer that question. The deciding factor to become a member of an EMS organization is highly personal. Some do it as a way to help the community and to feed their need to give back. Some have interacted with our organization in an emergency and the experience was so moving that they wanted to belong. Some are planning for careers in the medical field and use this time to get a taste for emergency medicine. Some want to be part of a group and make new friends. And others are looking to free time that opened up in their lives because of retirement or their children have reached school age.

Why EMS? We are well aware that there are many other organizations in the community with a hunger for volunteers. Fact is, many of them require less of a time and training commitment and bring few risks.

EMS is not for everyone – we understand that. Face it, we’re called when someone is having a really bad day. They’re sick. They’re hurt. They’ve been in accident. They didn’t plan to need us at that moment. While a majority of our calls do not reach a life and death level, it occasionally happens. We often work under high-adrenaline, high-stress situations. Sometimes it involves helping someone with serious injuries. Often times, though, we’re there to provide simple, basic, comforting care.

No doubt, it takes a special person to do so while also being compassionate, caring and professional.

Are you that person?

To be successful in this field takes someone who works well with others, who can take direction and often think on their feet, and someone who willing to put into the time to become proficient at delivering basic life support care to their friends and neighbors.

In return for that time commitment, the provider will get a level of personal satisfaction that money can’t buy. That satisfaction is sometimes delivered when we get a simple thanks from those we care for along the way. Or it comes without acknowledgement, but knowing we did everything we could to make the outcome better.

The community depends on us to be there when they call for help, whenever they call for help. That’s where you come in.  Are you ready to help make your world better? Click here.

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