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ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS – Atlantic Highlands First Aid & Safety Squad Cadet member Ryan Huff has been awarded a $500 scholarship from the New Jersey State First Aid Council.

Huff, who will study communications at Boston University in the fall, was one of 11 recipients of the prestigious scholarships from the statewide organization.

“As a cadet advisor, I am thrilled that the First Aid Council has recognized the contributions of Ryan and our cadet program as a whole,” said Tom Hayden, captain of the AHFAS.

The NJSFAC selected Huff and the other scholarship winners from 58 applications submitted by 42 first aid squads around the state, Mary Claire Shiber, chairperson of the committee, said when the awards were presented.

The Atlantic Highlands First Aid & Safety Squad is an all-volunteer emergency medical service and rescue organization that provides free around the clock care to residents of Atlantic Highlands and occasionally the surrounding area. The organization has won state and national recognition for its services, which include providing help on land, on the water with a marine rescue unit, and on ice.

The Cadets division of the AHFAS is open to residents between the ages of 14 and 18. Students are immersed into the first aid squad, provided free CPR and first aid training, and once they turn 16 can ride on the ambulance to certain emergency calls. The group has also been a great system of providing future adult members of the organization.

For information about the Cadets program, log onto or call the squad’s non-emergency number,732-291-8118.

“Having Ryan receive a scholarship from the First Aid Council verifies that our youth program has been a success,” said Hayden.

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